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Verruca Treatment
At the Renew Skin Clinic verrucas removal treatment is undertaken using a direct laser therapy. This selectively treats the infected area without damaging the surrounding skin. In short, it heats up the infected area, seals the blood supply to the verruca and starves it. The verruca dries up and eventually disappears. This type of verruca removal is highly successful for treating even the most stubborn verrucas. Single or multiple treatments may be required at 2 weekly intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Verruca Treatment Work?
The laser targets the blood vessels that supply the verruca, it heats up the infected area and seals the blood supply to the verruca and starves it. The Verruca dries up and eventually dies.
What Does It Feel Like?
Treatment sensation varies but is often described as a sharp stinging sensation, but only last for a second when the laser is fired
What Will It Look Like After Treatment?
The verruca will look no different and does not open the lesion.
How Many Treatments Will I Need?
This can very depending on how deep the verruca is. Some verrucas will only need one treatment however some may require up to 4 treatments every 2 weeks.

Pricing and Treatment options

Prices are dependent on the size of the treatment area. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Verruca treatments start from £85.00

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